The Story

With only a month and a half until Sam and Abby's wedding date, our phone rings with Sam's mother on the other end seeing if we are available. We just so happened to be, so we quickly set up a time to meet with Sam and Abby and get everything in order for their wedding date quickly approaching. When the day came, a heat wave arrived with it - but that didn't stop anybody from enjoying this wonderful day!


While this was our first full wedding to take place in downtown Thomasville, we were already experienced tourists there. You are not a true Tallahassee native unless you know all of the hot spots in Thomasville - its the small booming historic downtown that we never had. With all of that said, it was extra special to capture such a beautiful aerial shot of the water tower and to let that be the setting shot for this beautiful love story!

the response

Oh my goodness this is amazing. I’m sitting on the beach at my family vacation and I cried watching it! Thank you so much for capturing our big day so beautifully. It was like we were there all over again. Thank you so much!

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