The Roses

The day had a common theme that kept surfacing unexpectedly - roses. Josh's gift to Rachele on their wedding day was a single rose that had been dipped and preserved in gold. Josh's dad gifted a bouquet of roses to Rachele during the reception to go along with his "Bed of Roses" speech. Then, once we were editing the film, we noticed the flowers that had been behind Josh and his dad while he was getting ready were roses!

The Reveal

First looks are always emotional, but when Josh saw Rachele in her wedding dress for the first time, we had to choke back a few tears. As Josh turned the corner and walked towards his bride-to-be, he almost couldn't make it to her for being so over-come with emotion. Moments like this are what makes our job even more rewarding!

the response

We loved having Faith + Covenant films capture some of the sweetest moments from our perfect day!

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