Butterfly Kisses

When Jayde was a little girl, she had the butterfly kisses book and doll collection. She recently discovered that her dad wrote in the cover of the book, "I'll love you forever, my sweet baby girl." The Father-Daughter Dance was also to the Bob Carlisle song "Butterfly Kisses", making it a very emotional moment for everyone present.


When we met Jordan and Jayde, we left feeling like they were some of the most genuine, down to Earth people we had ever met. They were completely themselves. Fast forward to half an hour before their ceremony and a torrential downpour flooding everything around us, and Jordan and Jayde were calm, cool, and collected. They knew that no matter what the day held, they would still be married at the end of it all.

the response

Ethan and Hunter are not only amazing videographers, they’re amazing people and we’re so thankful they were able to work with us on our wedding day! They captured this special time in our lives in the most beautiful way possible. This is such an invaluable gift that we will treasure for all the rest of our days!!!

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