Pinky Promise

Part of Christian and Olivia's exchange of vows included the sweetest and most heart-felt tradition - the pinky promise. Carried on from their time dating and then being engaged, they incorporated this simple symbol of commitment into several areas of wedding day - including their sparkler exit!


These two are some of the most light-hearted, fun, and authentic people you'll come across. To make his bride laugh, Christian stuck out a pirate hook when Olivia reached for his hand during their first touch; meanwhile Olivia found the perfect card for her husband - a bedazzled storm trooper, a nod to his love of star wars.

the response

"Ethan and Hunter are two of the nicest and most professional people I have ever worked with. They made everything so seamless and natural, and were very helpful the entire day. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to have them film our special day, and I am so glad they have created something for us to remember that day for the many years to come."

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