Wedding Party

We have to tip our hats to this wedding party! The amount of energy they brought to the day was the perfect balance of keeping things fun and light-hearted without being over the top. There was never any difficulty in getting everyone to laugh and "appear" to be having a good time - this group of friends made the day effortless.


During the reception, Justin surprised Bailey with a shadow box he made to present to her on their wedding night, and display the memories they had shared in their new home together. He presented her with items from their past: from their first date, meaningful locations throughout their relationship, and memories from the night he proposed to her. To complete the shadowbox, he filled the last open spaces with his boutonniere and the empty ring box that held the ring that now sat on the finger of the love of his life.

the response

We are so thankful to Faith+Covenant Films for capturing our wedding day in such an amazing way. Thank you for the tireless hours you put into creating this video for us. Ethan + Hunter’s work perfectly captures the sweetness and joy that it was to be Justin’s bride. We are both so grateful for the care and professionalism that Faith+Covenant Films brought to the day and the art that you created. You are amazing! And it’s perfect!!!

Justin and Bailey
Groom + Bride
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