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May 12th, 2018 was our big day! We know the ups and downs of planning, organizing, and anticipating marriage. We resonate with the excitement, the butterflies, and the hope that this season of life brings. Because of this, we want to come alongside you during this time and help with any questions you may have through the planning process.

Our love for Jesus and for one another has shown us how special and sacred the covenant of marriage is. This is where our passion began and fueled our desire to beautifully capture the love story of each one of our couples. We love the process of getting to know each couple, and hand-making a film unique to you. We strive to capture the beauty in each and every moment and to tell the story of your wedding day.

Hunter and Ethan

After graduating from the Fine Arts program at Florida State University, I was hired by a media production company in town. While I was there, I was able to work on countless corporate and commercial shoots, including work for national brands such as Cooper Tires, Edible Arrangements, AccuWeather, and Pilot Pens.

The experience I gained was invaluable, and when Hunter and I began filming weddings, I noticed a new connection to my work that I had not previously experienced - the feeling of being a part of the happiest day of someone's life.

I now get to do what I love, everyday, while working alongside my beautiful and amazingly talented wife. We take pride in the films we create because God has gifted us with this amazing opportunity.


While attending Florida State University, I was given the amazing opportunity to be on staff with a creative arts team at my local church, doing my dream job - videography! I didn’t know much at first, but individuals much smarter than I took me under their wing and brought me into a world that had always fascinated me.  From the basics of shooting and editing to the complexities of live-streaming, I learned so much over the following years.

Guess who was one of those influential people who taught me everything I know?  None other than my future husband!  Yep, Ethan and I were co-workers and met on that creative arts team in 2014… and have been partners in crime ever since.  It is a joy and an honor to work alongside him as we create films that display God’s beautiful gift of marriage.

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